Think Mobile
This is ‘the year’ for mobile – mobile is now! 42% of clothes sales currently go through mobile phones. People spend a minimum of 2hrs a day on their smart phones. If there was ever a time to ‘be mobile’ now is it.

Apps vs. Sites
Have a think about which is best for you.
Apps: Great for companies like Uber and Hotel Tonight. They are intended for high use (eg: daily), such as entertainment, games or media
Sites: This needs to be fully mobile optimised with a fully functional core capability like commerce. Websites are ideal for most companies but they must be built with the future customer in mind
Sites & Apps: To have an App as well as a site is only good for those that have really nailed their website, they want to expand their on-site capabilities and really focus on their most loyal and engaged customers.

Design Principles
When it comes to mobile websites there are design principles to consider. For example large buttons for the call to actions, having fewer menus and drop downs (usually the most popular ones) and few parts on forms that you need to fill in; if forms are needed opt for auto-fill and a progress bar and split questions / multiple pages when you need to ask multiple questions. Click to cal buttons are very useful on mobile sites.

Make sure your website, whether online, mobile or both, content needs to be relevant, fresh and engaging. Raja feels this is super-important if you want to climb the Google search engine rankings and make Google like your website. People go to your website because they want to find out more information so give them more information. Have a think about what visitors to your website may want to see.

Point to Note
45% of emails are opened on mobile phones, so if your email or e-newsletter is read on a mobile and the link goes through to the website you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

When I was at The Telegraph Festival of Business I was very lucky to meet Raja Saggi, a man from Google. I watched his presentation and then was lucky enough to have a catch up with him after the event in person and even on Twitter in the weeks that followed the event.

I found Raja to be a genuinely ‘nice’ person. We all know that Google has been designed as a money making machine, but Raja went out of his way to help, he gave us top tips to make Google happy and event reviewed some of the attendees websites to help them get Google to like them more too.