I was lucky enough to win the 2 awards at the Small Business Awards Peterborough last year. I was Inspirational Business Owner of the Year and Service Business of the Year. This year, because I also won the overall award, I am not allowed to enter the awards.

However, as the winner of the two categories it does mean I can join the judging panel for these two award categories. This is something that I am really looking forward to. I felt the judging panels were really welcoming and friendly last year.

Something that I am looking forward to seeing the finalists and hearing their stories.  I love to hear business stories and how businesses began. Along with how and where they plan to go. 

Personally, I also think it is really important to be welcoming and friendly. Award category interviews are really scary. I speak from experience. If I can make it even slightly easier for the finalists in my two categories then that will be brilliant.

So, now for the judges tips. What will I be looking for on the day?

I will be looking for a business owner that has passion about their business. Also a passion for what they can offer others.

I want to speak to a business owner that is in it for the customer service and how they can help others. Being in business for money is fine, but for these categories I believe the finalists and winner need to want to help other people in business. 

As a business owner I want to help other business owners achieve more for their business online. I want to hear from similar business owners that want to achieve the same, and openly talk about how they do this in their business for their clients and the business community as a whole.

Winning a business award can have huge positive impacts on a business.

While it is too late to enter the Small Business Awards Peterborough this year, I highly recommend that you enter the awards next year. Along with any other business awards that you can. Business Awards will do wonders for your business – again, I speak from experience.