Here at Creative Content Company we are always telling clients, networking buddies and people we meet that blogging is really important for businesses.

However, we also know that many people in business don’t know what blogging is, or how to do it. So we thought we would cover the basics of blogging in this blog post for you. 

You will some of the things that you need to do for a blog in this blog post. Others you won’t. This is because you can’t do everything in every blog post. This would result in a crazy looking, even messy blog post.

The first tip in the basics of blogging is to make sure that your blog post is 300-600 words in length. This is good for Google and helps you gain ‘SEO points’. It also means it is a nice, easy length of a blog post. As a rough guide you’re looking at about three quarters of an A4 page, font size 12.

Another important thing to remember is the length of your sentences. Ideally the sentences in your blog posts need to be no more than 20 words. Again, this helps with Google and SEO. It is also good for the reader. The main reason for this is that the content is skimmable. The reader can skim through the content and if it’s of interest they can read the blog post properly.

The same goes for paragraphs. Ideally you want to aim for 3-5 lines in a blog post. The main reason for this is to make the blog post easy to read and skim through. You will earn extra ‘SEO points’ for this.

Choose a keyword that you want your blog post to be found for. For example, the keyword / search term in this blog post is Basics of Blogging.

You need to use that keyword 3-5 times in the blog post ideally. Anything less than this and Google won’t know what you want to be found for, anything over this and Google will see it as spamming. This is one reason why ‘blog’ isn’t the keyword we have chosen for this blog post.

Think about internal links too. These are links from your blog post to another page on your website. For example, on this blog post we have linked variations of the ‘blog’ word to our services page for blog writing.

This internal link shows Google that your content is relevant to your business, which helps with SEO. It also helps you take your reader on a journey through your website. For example, the link may take them to another blog post to find out more, or the page to buy what you’re talking about.

These are the basics of blogging and they should definitely help you get started. However if you have any further questions just ask, or book in for some blogging training with us.