A lot of business owners struggle with social media. They are not sure what to do, where to post and when to post. Coming up with post ideas can be tricky for some business owners too. In this blog post we share some top tips for succeeding at social media for business.

Follow these tips and advice below to get you on track for succeeding at social media for your business.

  • Firstly, you need to have a plan. Think about how often you are going to post. How often will you post? Now break that down into how often you will post about certain things.
  • You need to create smart or measurable goals. What does ‘succeeding at social media for your business’ look like to you? Is it lots of likes, an increase in traffic to your website or direct sales from social media? Based on what you want from social media, create measurable goals to match these.
  • It is essential that you are consistent with your posting on social media. You need to stay consistent in your posting. For example, don’t post 15 times on one day and then nothing for 3 months. However, you also need to stay consistent with your brand, voice and tone. Keep your social media posts consistent with your business, website and other marketing materials.
  • Think about what your audience want to hear from you. Post this on your social media. Share great content that you know your audience will enjoy. They will be more likely to share that then too.
  • You need to be engaging in your posts. This will encourage communication and engagement. Ask questions and try to start conversations with your audience through your posts. Also, listen to your audience. They will tell you what they want. Just make sure you are listening.

If you need help succeeding at social media for your business, call our social media managers in Peterborough. We can offer social media training to help your online presence grow. We can also save you time and stress by posting on your social media pages for you.