Some SEO experts have reported that is you have more than 300 words on each page of your website you will receive a higher ranking of your website and that webpage on Google which will lead to more traffic and a higher potential of sales – but when it comes to products, website content can be very tiresome, boring and even tricky to write 300+ words on one product or service, especially when they are similar to each other.

Here at Creative Content Company we have been doing exactly this for a few companies who are finding it tricky or just don’t have the time to write website content and product pages themselves. It’s easier for us because we are on the outside, we can use new keywords and search terms that you may not have thought of and we can word things in different ways as, unlike you, we have not been talking about these products and services since before you business began.

If you do decide to write the web content for the products pages yourself you need to make sure each page of content is different – this means you cannot copy it from a competitor and you also can’t copy it from another page on your own website, no matter how similar the product or service may be.

Try and think about different ways in which you can use the product or service if you have similar ones and then use each product or service to

talk about a different way in which it can be used – this is a really good way of ensuring that your website content is not the same on two pages which will reduce the risk of your website being penalised and dropped down the rankings of search engines.

Another tip for writing web copy for product pages is to look at your sentences and literally turn them round the other way to make the sentence read differently. This can be very easy for some sentences and paragraphs, but not at all possible for other sentences and paragraphs.

If you need help writing web copy for your product or services page then just give us a call. If you want to see what we have done see the website copy we have written for the services of Geek Designs and X Three Surveillance or the products on Fen Regis Trophies, although we have many more examples you can see.