Here at Creative Content Company, we always do our best to offer our clients a little something extra. This has included exhibition stands at business fairs, days out at polo, raffles, evening drinks, company birthdays, test drives of classic cars and more. We do this because we want to show our clients how much we appreciate them. Our clients can choose any digital marketing company in Peterborough, but they chose us. We want to thank them for this. So, now we have a special client only offer on taxi marketing in Peterborough.

As we have mentioned before, we can’t just stick to one marketing tool. You need to be in multiple places for your business to be seen. This could be in local newspapers, magazines, social media platforms, websites, guest blogs, business exhibitions and more. Another example is taxi marketing in Peterborough. This is something that we have only come across recently, but we think some of our clients could really benefit from it.

For just £7.99 a week you can have a digital advert inside a taxicab in Peterborough. This taxi will take, on average, 1-2 customers on 150 to 200 trips every week. There is a tablet inside the taxi and your advert is shown on it. The advert will be interactive so people in the taxi can pause your ad, scan a code or swipe to the next advert. This is real engagement with people sat in a taxi, looking at your business.

The taxi marketing company can then send you stats of the marketing. You can see how many people have seen your advert and clicked on it to see more. The stats will also show you how long the advert was actively watched for as well. Taxi marketing in Peterborough is a great way of getting your business and brand out there. You can see if your adverts are working, or change them around and compare different adverts.

Our special client only offer on taxi marketing in Peterborough offers our clients a chance to have 6 weeks of free adverts in a Peterborough taxi. If it works for your business, then you pay from £7.99 a week for the adverts to continue.

If you are an existing client, please call our team to be connected for your taxi advert in Peterborough. We can also offer this special deal to new clients too. So why not speak to us about our social media marketing, blogging or content writing services. We offer great-value prices on these services, and then you can advertise your business in a taxicab for less too!