I think we can all agree that this is never something you thought you would hear me say, let alone see a blog that I have written, about my hatred for social media but bear with me on this one – it may even have a happy ending!

However, it’s true, sometimes I really do hate social media – not because it’s always changing and means I have to keep swotting up, I love that about social media. What I hate about social media is the nasty things it has made people become.

I am currently speaking with three different ladies about nastiness they are receiving through social media. These three ladies do not have a bad bone in their body; they are kind, caring and supportive ladies that are always happy to help anyone they can.

These ladies have set up their own businesses and are doing amazing things; they are incredibly successful in what they do and they are not ashamed of this – why should they be?

But there are people out there that are jealous of these ladies, and people like them. They are nasty to them on social media platforms, publicly slating them and insulting their views and opinions and in one case even being nasty about the families of the successful women in business.

Why does this happen and does it really need to happen?

The issue is that people are sometimes jealous of what others have achieved because they can’t do it themselves, some may have tried and failed and some may never have tried – but that does not make it okay to put down those that have tried and achieved wonderful things.

Of course I have told these ladies, and other people in similar situations that they are just jealous and clearly you’re doing well and that sickens them and that now the ‘haters’ are slowing down their own chances of success by spending time putting others down – but sometimes it is hurtful and it can get you down.

Because these ‘bullies’ are behind a screen they can say what they want, things they would not dream of saying face to face but instead they are quite happy to say it when they are hiding behind their screens.

That is why sometimes I really hate social media, for the nasty things it has made some people become.