I work very closely with, and have a lot of respect for Katie Hart of Rhetonic and I was interested to see some research that she came across in regards to the genders that use social media. Katie is a gender marketing expert and often posts about some very interesting topics on social media and her blog. This research was completed in America but it is likely to be very similar here with no major changes in percentages.

If you run a business that is predominantly aimed at men or women as the main sector of your clients, for example a business that sell male grooming equipment for men or underwear for women then it’s important that you know where your target audience are so you can best approach them.

Based on all top social media platforms, there are more female users than male users on nearly all of the main social media platforms except for LinkedIn where more users are male.

Here are some social media stats that may surprise you;

  • 33% of online adult females are users of Pinterest while only 8% of men online use Pinterest.
  • 76% of women that are online use Facebook, whereas only 66% of men online use Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is where it all changes in regards to majority of genders using social media platforms, 24% of men online have LinkedIn accounts whereas only 19% of online females have a LinkedIn account.

But the different genders also use social media platforms in different ways, here is what the research showed us;

Brands on social media platforms are more likely to get a response from females to males. 54% of females will show support for a brand and 53% will access the offers online, while 44% of men will show support for brands on social media and 36% of males will access the offers via social media.

When women are looking for news 58% of them will head to social media while only 42% of men will head to social media to get their news.

If your business is targeted towards one gender more than another how can this information help you? If you’re not sure of the best way to use this information for your social media management then why not book a session of social media training where we would be pleased to help you on a one-to-one basis.