Social media is great for promoting your business. However, it also needs to be ‘social’. The clue is really in the name of ‘SOCIAL’ media. In this blog post we have put together some social media post ideas for May 2022. We have put these together by looking at the upcoming national months, weeks and days. Then, we have written ideas of how you can use them in your social media.

Before we get started on the national days, let’s think about bank holidays. There are 2 bank holidays in May and another at the beginning of June. How can you use bank holidays as social media post ideas for May 2022?

You could have a competition over the bank holiday weekend, or even a special offer. Why not consider an open day, if it’s relevant to your audience? You could also talk about your bank holiday weekend and what you will be doing. Ask your audience what their bank holiday plans are too.

May is Get Caught Reading Month. Why not share the current books that you and your team are reading? You could share your favourite books too. Or let’s have a little bit of fun with it. It’s called ‘Get Caught Reading Month’. Why not get funny photos of you or your team reading in unusual places?

Mental Health Month takes place in the month of May. Use this month to promote good mental health. Share some tips that help you maintain your mental health. Ask your audience to share their mental health tips too.

It is also National Photo Month in May. You can really use this time to engage with your audience and have some fun. You could ask them to share their most recent photo on their phone, their favourite or a photo of your chosen colour. Make sure you respond to the uploads and share your own too!

May is Revise Your Work Schedule Month. This could be a great opportunity to share some ‘behind the scenes’ content with your audience. You could also talk about how your business offerings could help your audience revise their work schedule or improve their work-life balance.

1st – 7th May is Drinking Water Week. It’s fair to say that many of us do not drink enough water. Share some tips you use to drink more water. Encourage your audience to do the same.

It is also National Small Business Week from the 1st til 7th May. Why not promote local small businesses at this time? You could share details of one small business every day. You could also add why it is important to shop small.

Need help coming up with more social media post ideas for May 2022? Perhaps you’d like help with your social media posting for your business? Call our social media managers in Peterborough now to find out more.