Struggling for social media post ideas for March? You should be posting on social media at least 5 times a week for your business. This is the very least. However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with social media post ideas for the month ahead. You don’t want to fall into the trap of posting rubbish. It’s important that you don’t just sell at your audience either.

This is where our social media post ideas for March come in. You can use the days we share below. Alternatively, you can use the ideas we suggest or use it for inspirations for your own social media post ideas this March. It really is whatever works best for you.

Take a look at our social media post ideas for March below and see what you think. If you need help managing your social media marketing in Peterborough, call our social media marketers. We can look after your social media presence on your behalf, while you get on with running your own business.

Women in Construction Week: 3-9 – If it’s relevant to your industry, definitely show a photo of the females in the team on a construction site. Don’t jump on the band wagon if it isn’t relevant to your business or industry though. That could do more harm than good.

Employee Appreciation Day: 1 – Why not share a photo of your team and talk about what makes them so awesome. Don’t talk about what they can do for your customers. Instead, talk about what they do for you, your business and your team.

Simplify Your Life Day: 3 – Do you have a product, service or tip that can help simplify others lives. Talk about it on social media. Ask your followers to get involved and share their tips too. If relevant to your business, talk about the benefits of a simplified life.

National Flapjacks Day: 7 – Maybe it’s time for a Bake Off in the office. Get the team to make flapjacks and get them judged online. It’s a bit of fun, but your audience will enjoy getting involved.

Middle Name Pride Day: 8 – Share your middle name or the middle names of your team. Maybe get your followers to guess the middle name of your team, or which name out of the three it could be. It’s a great chance to engage with your audience.

Mother’s Day – 10th March – Share a photo of the mums in your business. Alternatively, you could share photos of the team with their mums. Talk about what makes your mum great or favourite mum memories. Encourage your followers to do the same.

Awkward Moments Day: 18 – We all love hearing about an awkward moment. Think about something that has happened in work or business. It’s a great chance to show your followers that you are real. It makes it easier to build a relationship with you too.

International Colour Day: 21 – Why not use this opportunity to talk about your logo and the colours of your company branding. Was there a reason you chose those colours? What do they mean to you and what made them stand out for your business?

Good Friday 31st March – Easter is early this year. Don’t plan your Easter marketing for April, as Easter starts at the end of March. If you’re thinking about easter competitions, chocolate eggs or bunnies, make sure you get it planned in time.