As a business on social media, you should be posting at least three times a week. This should be engaging things about your business or latest news. It shouldn’t be all sales and selling at your audience. However, it’s fun to add in some engaging and personal posts too. These give your social media presence some personality.

So, here are our social media post ideas for February 2021.

If you do choose to use them for your social media, make sure you include the name of the national day. You could use it as a hashtag as well. This will help you engage with others talking about this national day too.

Below we have listed some of our favourite national days, weeks and months. We have also shared how you can use them for your social media posts. You can use our social media post ideas for February 2021, even though other business owners are too – because what you write will be different to what others write.

International Boost Self-Esteem Month – what are your top tips for boosting self-esteem? If you have lots of tips, why not turn it into a blog post?

Library Lovers Month – What is your favourite ever book and why would you recommend it to others?

National Snack Food Month – favourite snack, and favourite snack time!

National Weddings Month – How long have you been married and what’s your best memory from your wedding day.

Relationship Wellness Month – Share a few tips for relationship wellness. Remember, this is partner relationships as well as family and friends’ relationships. It covers business relationships too.

National Get Up Day: 1 – what time do you get up and what’s the first thing you do each day?

Pancake Day: 16 – thick or thin pancakes and what topping?

Feed The Birds Day: 3 – do you feed the birds in your garden, with what and what birds do you get in the garden?

Facebook’s Birthday: 4 – what do you like most about facebook?

World Nutella Day: 5 – lover or hater? What do you put it on?

Play Monopoly Day: 6 – do you like monopoly and what’s your game plan, big and expensive, or lots of cheaper ones?

National Pizza Day: 9 – favourite pizza and where from / brand?

Valentine’s Day: 14 – soppy message to your loved one, if you want!

International Flirting Week: 14-20 – favourite / funny chat up line that you’ve heard.

Random Acts of Kindness Day: 17 – what was the most recent random act of kindness you did for someone else?

National Drink Wine Day: 18 – favourite wine?

Best Friends Day: 19 – who is your best friend, how long have you been friends and what makes them so great?

Love Your Pet Day: 20 – name of pet, photo (please) and what is so great about them.

Woolworth’s Day: 22 – what was the best thing about Woolworths?

World Bartender Day: 24 – favourite cocktail.

These are all different social media post ideas for February 2021 that will help boost your engagement and bring personality and a ‘realness’ to your social media presence.

If you need help posting on social media or coming up with ideas, give us a call. Alternatively, you could book an online meeting with us.