When it comes to social media, you need to be social. That’s what social media is all about. The clue really is in the name. Nobody watches TV for the adverts. It’s the same on social media. People don’t go on social media to be sold at. They go on to catch up with friends, see what people are up to and be social. Keep this in mind when posting on social media for your business. If you’re struggling, give some of these ideas a go.

Below you will see some of the national days and months. We have put them together along with some social media post ideas for February. These can be used as the area and with the examples we suggest. Or you can use them to get those creative juices flowing. Use them to create something awesome for your social media post ideas this February.

National Hot Breakfast Month – February is hot breakfast month, so use it to your advantage. You could take the team out for a hot breakfast or cook one in the office. Why not put on a meeting for clients or a networking event over a hot breakfast. Alternatively, you could share photos of your team with their favourite hot breakfast.

National Time Management Month – Time management is a big deal for a lot of people. Does your business have a service or product that helps with time management. Share some time management tips or talk about how your business can help with time management. Make your social media posts friendly and helpful. Try to avoid them being too salesy.

Responsible Pet Owner’s Month – The internet was made for cats, so they say. If you have a pet of any kind, share it on social media. People love cute animals. Sharing photos of your own pets, or your teams’ pets is a great way to make the business more personable. These photos will also get great engagement for your business on social media too.

National Marriage Week: 7-14 – Why not talk about your team and how long they have been married. Share wedding photos too if possible. This helps to make the business more real. It also helps give consumers a reason to engage with your business, on a personal level. Your audience might find something in common too. This will help build a relationship between you and the consumer.

Random Acts of Kindness Week: 11-17 – What a great opportunity to do something nice. It could be something in the community for example. You could hide chocolate bars with a nice message and your business card in well-known places. Maybe buy a neighbouring office a load of doughnuts, or hide kind notes on cars. Share it on social media to encourage others to do random acts of kindness too.

Don’t forget, if you are using these national months and weeks for your social media post ideas for February, use a hashtag. The hashtag should be the name of the national month or week. It will help make your social media make sense. It will also open your social media posts to a wider audience too. This could lead to new people seeing and engaging with you on social media, and buying from your business!