Wondering what to post on social media during the month of April? It’s important to remember that social media is social. You shouldn’t JUST post sales and products. Instead, you need to be ‘social’ and engaging. After all, the clue is in the name. It’s called ‘social’ media. So, in this blog post we share some social media post ideas for April.

You can use these social media post ideas as they are, or you can use them to get those creative juices flowing. How can they work for your business? Are they the sort of posts your target audience would like? If the answer is yes, then what’s stopping you?

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So, what are our social media post ideas for April?

1st April is April Fool’s Day – if you’re going to use this, make it fun. It’s definitely a national day that should have an ‘approach with caution’ note.

April is Global Volunteer Month – what do you volunteer at? Do your team volunteer? Maybe you could share volunteering opportunities of a local good cause?

1st – 7th April is Laugh At Work Week – this is a great opportunity to show the personality of your business. Maybe have your team share their favourite jokes. Have a recorded competition to see who can NOT laugh for the longest?

4th April is National Walking Day – Why not take a local walk with the team. Share your favourite walks in the local area with your audience. This will help to place you in the local area for your business offering.

16th April is National Stress Awareness Day – You could promote your products or services and how they reduce stress? Why not share your stress awareness and stress management tips too?

18th – 24th April is National Karaoke Week – Share your favourite tunes to sings at karaoke, if you had to. Encourage your audience to do the same. If you’re feeling brave why not attend a local karaoke event. You could invite customers and business contacts too?

24th April is Walk At Lunch Day – Again, this is a great way of showing you are a local business. Take some photos or record a video on a local walk during your lunchtime. Your audience will recognise you are real, and local. This will help build up trust too.

28th April is National Pet Parent’s Day – We always say that the internet was made for cat pictures, but pets really can boost engagement on social media posts. If you are a pet parent, why not share a photo of your pet. Ask your audience to do the same. It will definitely boost your reach and your engagement on social media.

When using these social media post ideas, make sure you use the name of the national day, week or month as your hashtag. For example, #NationalWalkingDay. This will help give your posts context. It will also help you engage with a wider audience also posting on that day.