Are you feeling ready and raring to go to take on the new year? Have you set yourself goals and small business planning for 2023? Have you planned out what the new year will look like for your small business? As things start to slow down for the Christmas holidays, you’ll find yourself with a little bit more time on your hands. This is the ideal time to start thinking about the new year. To think about what you want to achieve for your business, as well as how you will do it.

In this blog post we have put together just a few small business planning tips for the new year. These will help ensure that 2023 is a successful year for your business.

  • New Year’s Resolutions

We all set ourselves resolutions for the year ahead. We stick to some of them, and others we don’t stick to. However, if you want to make a real success of your business in the new year, you need to set separate new years resolutions for your business. Make these goals realistic and achievable. This way you will want to stick to them and are able to stick to them too.

  • A Business Plan

You may have created a business plan when you set up your business, but what about since then? Your business plan doesn’t need to be complicated with figures and dates. Instead, you just need to set out what you want to achieve for your business and how you will do it. By creating your business plan again, you are able to stop and think about your business, where it is going and how you will get there. This will help you refocus ON your business, instead of working in it.

  • Plan Out Your Marketing

Take the time to look over your business marketing when things slow down. Look at what you have been doing, how it’s been doing and the return you’ve got from your investment. Have you got a new target audience or niche audience that you want to attract? Perhaps your business offering has changed, and your marketing needs to change with it. If you’re not sure if your marketing is working or not, it probably isn’t. In which case, give us a call. We can talk through your marketing with you and create a strong marketing plan for success in 2023.

  • Look For Savings

The last few years have been tough for a lot of business owners. Use this down time to look at your business expenses and what you are spending on your business. Is it time to put your prices up? Should you be shopping around and looking for cheaper suppliers for your business? Perhaps now is the time to outsource some of your tasks. These could include things such as marketing or admin work so you can spend more time on your business earning more money?

Taking the time out now to think about the year ahead will really help your business hit the ground running for a successful 2023. If you do need any help with your small business marketing, then call our online marketing team. We would be more than happy to help you and your business succeed.