Don’t get us wrong, every business and every business owner is different – we are not all the same and that’s what makes the world of business so exciting. Some businesses thrive on Instagram while others sink on Facebook – each business has different social media websites which will work best for their own business style and business owner personality but in this blog post we would like to tell about some research that LinkedIn has done.

LinkedIn has recently reported that 81% of small businesses use LinkedIn and other social media websites as a marketing tool – WOW we hear you exclaim…. and you’re right, that is a huge amount of people… but what about the other 19% of businesses? What are they doing and should they be on LinkedIn or other social media sites?

Well let’s look at the stats and find out;

  • 74% of online adults in the UK use social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and similar.
  • Social media is 57% of the sales funnel for many businesses
  • Around 81% of consumers will complete online research for making any large purchases; part of this research will include social media and reviews on social media.
  • Three in every five businesses claims to have gained new customers through the use of social media for their business.

Surely these stats should show that there is a huge potential for success on social media platforms for your business so why are sat on the sidelines watching it all happen while your competitors steal potential customers from right under your nose.

If you need help getting your business a presence on social media why not call us for some social media training for you on a one-to-one basis or for your team? Alternatively we can offer social media management if you are struggling to find the time to ruin your social media accounts yourself?