As a small business owner I can assure you that running your own business is lonely, you go from a busy office or workplace where you are surrounded by people at all times… to your own spare room or small office where you are suddenly stuck with no one to talk to, no office gossip and nobody to have lunch with or talk to about your weekend.

It’s not easy, and as much as you may have hated those constant interruptions or repeats of the same questions over and over again from annoying colleagues these will soon be the annoying colleagues you wish you had around you again.

The best way I found of dealing with this was networking; it gave you a chance to ‘work’ because you were marketing your business, but it meant you were surrounded by other people too – which worked brilliantly for me and I have made some brilliant friends through networking. That’s also where the idea of Creative Networking came from.

However there is now a new event in Peterborough which is amazing for business owners – it’s Peterborough Jelly. It’s an informal co-working event where you can work and network surrounded by likeminded people in a social and friendly environment.

I haven’t been able to make the event before, but I shall be going along to the next event – I find I blog better for my own website when surrounded by hustle and bustle, but for my own clients I need my own office and my own choice of bad music.

It’s £5 to attend and you get access to free wi-fi and a desk where you can get working, if you choose to. There is also unlimited coffee to make sure you keep going on your work or networking. Peterborough Jelly is held at Allia Business Centre, by the football stadium and it’s free parking too which is an added bonus! It’s a promising idea and I am really keen to try it out, maybe I will see you there?