Here at the Creative Content Company we have been raving on about ‘Paying It Forward’ along with helping out in the community at charity fundraisers, schools, colleges, prisons or where the needs are. We have never been paid for any of this, but instead we have done it to help make ‘the world a better place’.

We know that sounds soppy, flowery and necessary but its true – why not make the community you live in a better place for everyone to live in. The impact you could have as a local business may then impact those around you? 

One of the ways in which we have been getting involved is through a Business Connector. Grant Brighten was seconded from Argos for eighteen months to work in the City. His role consisted of meeting local business people small or large, charities and Schools, looking at employability, education, enterprise and community cohesion, then connecting them… 

Through Grant we have been able to really help make our community better. Enterprise days at Schools, chats with school children, presentations for offenders and networking with local charities and organisations working in Peterborough, this was set on a community train held at Nene Valley Railway. 

So, when we got a phone call from Grant the first thing our Director, Hazel said was “How can I help? What do you need me to do?” Hazel will take it from here; 

“Grant asked what I was doing on the 11th March and I found the diary was empty for that day so I was able to be at whatever event he needed me at. The request was quite different this time. I was needed in London for the day to meet a very important person that I may have heard of. Grant was asking me to go and meet Prince Charles! 

I couldn’t believe it when Grant asked me and if I’m honest I still can’t believe it now. The work Grant has done, specifically with current and ex-offenders has been acknowledged by Business in the community, the President of the charity has very strong community values being the future King of England! The fact Grant then thought of me as the right person having given lots of time and effort to projects he had highlighted enabled  me to go with him to meet Prince Charles. “ 

As you can understand, Hazel is over the moon and future blogs will follow after the event. However, in the meantime – do you have any top tips for Hazel, what to do or say or even wear when she meets Prince Charles?