The link between social media and SEO has been firmly established. Throughout marketing for your business, you should be thinking about optimising your social media for SEO. This will ensure success for your business online and increase your conversions, then sales.

One way you can go about optimising your social media for SEO is by engaging with others on social media. The clue is in the name, social media should be social. There is no point just talking at people by posting ‘stuff’. Instead, you need to post, communicate and engage. Take the time to connect to the right people and build a relationship with them. This will help increase the shares and engagement on your content. In turn, this will enable you to better optimise your social media for SEO.

Think about the content you are posting and how often you are posting it. If you don’t post enough, you can quickly become forgotten. However, if you post too much, you could find yourself blocked or unfollowed. It’s important that you find the right balance for you, your business and your target audience. There is no magic formula because everyone is different.

You need to think about how you present yourself when optimising your social media for SEO. The first things your audience will look at to find out who you are is your profile. You need a strong image on your profile. This should include an interesting bio and a good profile picture too. Remember – for many people, this will be their first impression of you or your business. Make sure it is the right one!

If you are looking for SEO success, then you need to look at optimising your social media for SEO. This way the two marketing tactics can work hand in hand. In turn, this will help you on your journey striving for SEO success.

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