The idea behind OpenCity (which at time of the first meeting had no name) was to create an interactive digital screen that would help businesses in Peterborough. How could it help businesses in Peterborough? We were going to let the businesses of Peterborough decide.

A team was built using members of Peterborough Council, including Opportunity Peterborough, Environmental Capital team and Peterborough DNA & Brainwave along with local businesses such as Alex of Compare the Market, Lee Mason a fabulous graphic designer in Peterborough for the OpenCity logo, Free Thinking Design were brought in to look after the website and Creative Content Company were asked to increase awareness of the event through Twitter.

On the 1st October there was a meeting at the Town Hall where businesses in Peterborough came together to say what they wanted from the screen. The Creative Content Company team spent weeks approaching each business on Twitter and sharing the event on various social media plans, when the event took place the team were frantically live tweeting all the photos and amazing ideas so the online community could get involved. To have a look at these photos and ideas go to our Facebook page of the website for more details about the event.

Next up we have the 48hr hackathon where the techie people of Peterborough are getting together to build the screen, we’ve taken the most popular ideas and are getting the best team together to create the screen. Have a look on Twitter for OpenCity or look at the website for more details.

A few months ago I received an email from Compare the Market; the email title stated “Want to work for free?” Some companies may look at an email like this and immediately click the ‘delete’ button without a second thought but here at Creative Content Company, things are a little different.

It seems Alex Shaw of Compare the Market had been chatting with the Brainwave DNA gang at Opportunity Peterborough, there were plans for a community project to help businesses in Peterborough and I couldn’t wait to grab a coffee with Alex to find out more. Three hours later and that was exactly what I was doing.