Being a one trick pony often isn’t seen as a good thing. While it means that you can do one thing really well, it does often mean you can’t do other things so well. This is the main reason that a one trick pony approach doesn’t work for marketing a small business. You need to do more than one thing and be on more places than one. By using a selection of marketing approaches you can ensure that you will succeed at marketing your small business.

It’s important to remember that effective small business marketing needs a diverse toolkit. By relying on just one marketing channel, you are falling into the trap that a one trick pony does and that does not work for marketing a small business. The last thing you want to do when marketing your business is put all your eggs in one basket.

Imagine if you just had your business on LinkedIn, for example. What would happen if LinkedIn suddenly shut? You would need to start your business again, from scratch. This is just one of the reasons that one trick pony’s don’t work for marketing a small business.

However, what if your dream client isn’t on that one platform you are using. If you are only using one marketing channel, you could be missing out on your dream client. You could also be missing out on growing your business. In the meantime, risking your whole business. Is that really a risk you want to run for your small business that you have put so much into?

There are so many different marketing channels that you can use. Of course, there are all the social media channels such as X, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and more. A website and blogs are also marketing tools you could use for your business. There is content marketing and an SEO content marketing strategy too that could be part of your diverse marketing toolkit. Maybe you want to consider newsletters and email marketing campaigns? You may find your ideal clients are actually at networking events or business conferences and exhibitions.

We are not saying that you need to be everywhere, all the time. To clarify, that is definitely not what we are recommending. Instead, choose the marketing tools that work for your small business. Don’t just stick to one but give a few a try. This will help support your business in the long run. But it will also help you grow your business and get it seen by a wider audience.

By diversifying your small business marketing efforts, you can reach a broader audience. This will help your small business stay resilient in changing markets. The well-rounded marketing approach will support your business if one channel falters. Need help marketing your small business in more than one way? We can do that for you. As digital marketers in Peterborough, we can pick up the marketing that you need support with. This will give you more time to focus on running your business and doing what you’re great at.

Don’t take the one trick pony approach to marketing a small business – it doesn’t work.