There is a brilliant new networking event in Peterborough called the , it has been set up by David Simpson of Opportunity Peterborough and is for businesses that are less than 2years old. In June was the 2nd and it was another brilliant event.

I felt very privileged to be asked to speak about why I set my business up, what things had gone well and not so well followed by what was next for my business. I spoke alongside Tony Nero, and artist and graphic designer who has loads of really exciting exhibitions in Peterborough and Stamford at the moment, and I spoke with Chris of Petrolhead Detailing who are in the process of setting up.

I think, due to our passion for our own businesses and the way on which we spoke of our love for what we do it set a really nice scene for you event. It was then time for networking with pizza and ice cream tasting (supplied by Lady Chocolate) and the networking itself was just superb.

The atmosphere and feeling in the room was really positive and I think seeing examples of where a business came from, the struggles people went through, where they have been and what they are doing now made everyone feel like they were in the same boat. Everyone struggles in business at some point but people don’t often admit to it so when you are struggling you feel alone.

My business is now just over 21 months old and I think it will be a real shame to leave the – it’s a really supportive group of new businesses and it feels like everyone is in the same boat, with some completely brand new businesses there that are looking for support and guidance towards setting up their own business.

If you run a business that is less than 2 years old and would like to get involved then contact David Simpson of Opportunity Peterborough and hopefully I will see you at the next event.