We are thrilled to announce we have another new addition to our team, and no – we aren’t pregnant! We would like to introduce Zara Imrie to you all. Zara has a strong background in paid advertising through both Google and social media and we have bought this experience into Creative Content Company to enable us to offer paid advertising as a service to our clients.

Hazel and Zara met at numerous networking events in the Cambridgeshire area and they initially clicked very quickly, Zara and Hazel both worked with similar clients and enjoyed helping businesses achieve more online so it made sense that Zara joined the Creative Content Company as this was a service that our clients wanted but a service we were unable to offer.

In this day and age people are running to the internet to find answers, to ask questions and to buy products and services and this is why it is essential that your business is easy to find online. Poor or no exposure online can result in your business becoming obsolete very quickly. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the world, if people can’t find it they can’t buy it.

Here at Creative Content Company we have always been very strong advocates of paid search marketing and paid advertising because we feel it has so many benefits to all businesses, large and small. It has just not been a service that the team specialised in previously so it wasn’t a service we wanted to offer, however now we have Zara we are able to offer this amazing service to our clients to help them achieve more with their business online.

Zara has been involved in countless successful paid search marketing campaigns and has continued to prove that paid search marketing really can work for businesses of all ages, shapes and sizes – when it’s done right.

Why not contact Zara now and see how we can help your business?