Here at Creative Networking we have found that many of our networkers have children and when they are self employed it is sometimes easier for them to take care of the children instead of their partner taking time off work to deal with child care. This can mean that networking has to be slowed down or stopped for parents during summer holidays and school breaks.

Not when you go to Creative Networking – we support the fact the parents have children and networking in Peterborough is trickier when the kids are off school and this is why we welcome children with open arms. There will be a table set to a side for children at all of our networking events in Peterborough and you child can bring the activities of their choice and play with the other children too.

Networking is all about building relationships and through your kids playing with each other you’ll be able to build even more relationships with like minded people in business. A £1 charge is not required for children at the coffee mornings and afternoon teas, breakfast will cost £5 per child and lunch is charged at the same price as adults.

Don’t let having the kids off school stop you from networking in Peterborough and meeting new people, instead bring them with you – it will save you all been locked up at home and you’ll all get to meet new people too.

We run a coffee morning on the first Tuesday of each month at The Marriott Hotel in Lynchwood, an Afternoon Tea at Dobbies in Hampton on the second Wednesday of the month, a networking breakfast at The Hampton on the third Thursday and we also have a Lunchtime Networking event that is due to move location in August – we shall keep you posted on this!

If you would like to bring your child to a Creative Networking event in Peterborough please sign yourself up for the event and add plus ones for your children so we know how much room we need. If you could then leave a comment saying you’re bringing your child and how old they are then parents can see what other children are coming too.

We look forward to seeing you, and your kids, very soon.