Here at Creative Content Company, we have a lot of different clients at different levels. Some need help with social media training or blog writing training. Other businesses need support with social media management, their web content or regular blog posts. However, we seem to have gained another type of client too. Our latest clients need in-house marketing on a part time basis. They don’t need someone in-house all the time. However, they need some things done from their office.

This is where our in-house marketing part time service comes in. It’s for businesses that need marketing in-house, not permanently and not as a one-off few hours either. This is a service we are currently offering to two clients. We thought we would explain how it works and you can see if it is something of interest for your business too.

Client One: This is a brand-new online retail business. We helped them with the design and layout of their website, along with all the content. This has been done by spending one day a week in their office in Bourne. During our time with them we create and schedule blog posts and social media for the week ahead. We also add new products to the website and create TikTok videos for the business too. In addition, we post content to various groups on Facebook, on behalf of the business too. All work for this client is done in the office.

Client Two: We work with this client from their office in Peterborough for half a day, every other week. During this time, we talk through plans for the upcoming month. We also hold them accountable for work that needs to be done or hasn’t been done. Plans are made for areas of work that is needed by us. This includes market research, new pages on the website, creating graphics via Canva and more. While half a day every other week is completed in their office, the rest of the work is completed in our office. The half-day sessions are designed to keep the client focused and on-track with their business growth journey.

If our in-house marketing part time sounds like something of interest to your business, call us now – remember, if we are working with a client, you’ll need to leave a message or email us.

It’s important to note that during the time in your office, we work for you. Work calls are not answered as you are our only client at that time.