For as long as I have been using drive-throughs I have always wanted to ‘pay it forward’. I have always wanted to say to the person at the check out that I will pay for the person behind me. However, I am always too nervous. I always think I’ll do it, and then I chicken out. Until now… well, 2 weeks ago actually.

Two weeks ago, I was working late, and I was going to the theatre with my partner. We needed a quick dinner so I said I would grab a McDonalds on the way home. I was in the queue and feeling pretty good about life, excited for the night ahead. It was at that point I decided that now was the time.

As I approached the window to pay, I told the server that I wanted to pay for the car behind me. She said that was fine and took the payment. I drove to the next window to collect the food. I watched the car behind me pull up and go to pay. She was told the car in front had paid. Mass confusion on everyone’s face as she said she had no idea who I was!

While it was something I had wanted to do for a while – clearly it wasn’t something anyone else was used to.

So, Saturday morning I’m playing around on Facebook instead of getting on with the day. I see it’s World Kindness Day. I decide that despite the massive failure last time, I will try again. So, that lunchtime I pop to McDonalds drive through to grab a coffee drink full of sugar. I arrive at the first window and ask to pay for the car behind me too.

The server asks me if this is their order and shows it to me on the screen. I tell her I have no idea as I don’t know them. Mass confusion once more. I tell her to tell the car behind me that it’s my random act of kindness for the day. This server wells up and tells me that this such a nice thing to and it’s made her day. I’m feeling very warm and glowing inside!

I drive to the next window to collect my order and I look in the mirror to the car behind. The driver is told it’s been paid for and his face is beaming. He leans out his window and shouts a massive thank-you at me. The server giving my drink asks what’s going on and I tell her. She says it’s such a nice thing to do and it’s really made her smile.

Success. While it was my random act of kindness – take two, at least it made 3 people happy this time. It cost me around £4 last time. This time it was £9. If we’re honest – that’s around the price of my favourite coffee and cake. With my wedding fast approaching it’s probably best I have less cake anyway.

Have you ever paid it forward at a drive-through? Give it a try. I promise you that this random of act of kindness will really make you smile.