So we recently blogged some really great ideas for small business owners to use for additional website content for their businesses, but we didn’t want to give it to you all at once. There were so many ideas of additional website content that it could have been quite overwhelming, so instead we have broken our website content ideas into blocks.

This means you can give yourself a chance to read the first one (Website Content Ideas for Your Business) and action that blog post, before moving onto this one and the next one. Most small business owners understand that the more content on their website the better, Google Spiders love more content but as we mentioned in the last article, it can be hard to come up with new website content ideas so this our second blog post that we hope can help you.

So here is your next chunk of website content ideas for your business – don’t forget to action the ones that are relevant;

  • Have a look at relevant news articles to your industry, explain the story in brief and then add your thoughts on the matter. This will help add a personality to your website and your business.
  • Consider interviewing your most interesting clients; ask about their work in your industry and how your product or service has helped their business.
  • Create a page that is solely dedicated to resources such as important industry websites, videos, articles, books and bloggers – this will then be a page that helps your clients.
  • Have a look at forums and see if there are any questions that are regularly asked or topics that are often discussed and then create a blog post on that topic. You can then share a link to the page on that forum.
  • List examples of good and bad practices within your industry, do not put down other businesses or competitors instead talk about the practices themselves.
  • If there are any popular industry events, whether you are going along to them or not, talk about what happens at them and why people should go along. If you are attending encourage them to come to your stand and say Hi.
  • Video content is becoming really popular, if you have video content transcribe it. If you have good written content then turn it into video content to make the most out of your content.

Now bring up your word document and start typing your next piece of website content – if you need it proof read or you would like us to write an example piece of website content for you then just give us a shout. We’re always happy to help.

Don’t forget to come back for ‘Even More Website Content Ideas For Your Business’ when you have completed all the actions from this blog post.