Just a few days ago we gave you a few ideas for business newsletter topics but if you are anything like us and schedule your newsletters in advance then you may already be thinking about the next newsletter (months in advance) so we have put together some more email newsletter topic ideas for you.

Please see below and choose your favourites then get creating your next business email newsletter for your subscribers;

  • Why not share recent industry statistics, studies or surveys that will be of interest to your subscribers?  Keep an eye on latest industry news too and similar points of interest for those reading your newsletter.
  • If you are launching a new website, have moved office or are redesigning the way business is done then share this in your business newsletter too. People have signed up to your newsletter because they want to hear about you and your business, not just the industry.
  • Create free resources for your subscribers that may be available on your website for a small charge, but free to those that subscribe to your newsletter. This will make your subscribers feel valued.
  • If you are working with a new merchant, seller, supplier or partner than why not shout about this too, tell people who you are working with, why you are working with them and where your subscribers can get your products from.
  • Why not interview a customer, supplier or member of your team? People like people so an interview will help bring a personality to your business and make you more real and relatable.
  • You could create a photo collage of the last month including photos of events you have been too, awards you have won, new products or services, customers wearing your products, the team in your office and such like.
  • Greetings and Best Wishes at special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day and such like, share your love with subscribers on these special days.

When writing email newsletters for your business make sure it stays interesting to the reader. If you’re still struggling with ideas for your business newsletter then give us a call and we can do the newsletter for you.