If you decide to upload monthly blog posts then there are things you need to consider. Our blogging clients tend to be divided between weekly blog posts and monthly blog posts. There are also some clients in between with twice-weekly blog posts or a set number of blogs a month. Whatever regularity of blogging you opt for, there are pros and cons.

In a previous blog post we spoke about the benefits of monthly blogs. In this blog post we share some ways that you can make the most of monthly blog posts.

A monthly blog post is just one blog post a month. If you opt for monthly blog posts it is important to think about your reader. As you are sharing content less frequently, it may be worth experimenting with longer blog posts. Why not try a few blog posts at around 1,000 words or more? See how they go down, how much traffic they bring to your website and how it impacts on your website, SEO and sales or conversions.

As you are sharing information less frequently, you may have less content to share on social media. One way of getting around this is to focus on evergreen content. Just like an evergreen tree, evergreen content is relevant throughout the year. Each post will be useful to your audience throughout the year and for years to come. Like this blog post, for example.

It’s a good idea to do lots of keyword research too. This wat your posts will be SEO-optimised. In turn, this will help you get traffic to your website, even though you are publishing less website content and blog posts.

Here at Creative Content Company, we upload new blog posts every other day. We have a lot of content to share and a lot of information our audience want to hear about. This isn’t the same for all businesses and their audiences.

If you need help to make the most of your monthly blog posts, call our team. We can create your monthly blogs for you, or recommend blog titles and keywords for you to create the blog posts yourself.