Wherever you look on Google you will see different results to how often you should blog for your business. Here at Creative Content Company most of our clients have monthly blogs. Other have twice monthly blogs, weekly blogs and even 10 blogs a month. We work with a lot of smaller businesses so monthly blogs work for them. It is a small monthly cost that keeps their website active, boosts their SEO and gives them content to share on social media.

Brian Dean runs a business called BackLinko. His website is reported to get around 200,000 unique visitors to his blog each month. How often does hen upload new blog post content? Around once a month. However, at the other end of the spectrum, some businesses are posting multiple blog posts every day. Here at Creative Content Company we publish a new blog post every other day.

It’s really important to put quality before quantity. There is no need to upload blog posts and website content for the sake of it. You have to have something interesting to say.

Many business owners are moving from multiple blog posts each day to weekly or monthly blogs. This is because they feel that consumers are inundated with so much content. The number one reason that many people unsubscribe from a blog is because new content is published too frequently. Subscribers feel that they can’t keep up.

As long as you are sharing something that is useful and valuable to your audience, your readers will appreciate your blogging schedule. Whether this is daily, weekly or monthly blogs, your target audience won’t mind. This is because they enjoy reading what you have created.

If you are looking at monthly blog posts, you may want to think a bit more about your content. For example, you may require longer content that is more in-depth. This will give your audience more to read and you’ll have more content to share on social media too.

Need help creating monthly blogs for your business, or coming up with blog topics and ideas? Give our team a call. We will happily share some ideas with you and write your monthly business blog posts for you.