We’re not sure that scannable is actually a really word but it is the definitely the right word for the title of this blog post. One of the biggest tips we can give you for email newsletters is that they need to be scannable and in this article we are going to give you some free advice on how you can make your email newsletter scannable.

As we ourselves know, the majority of us scan things as opposed to reading them properly. Hardly anyone in this modern day reads things carefully and in full so it is really important that as newsletter creators we write email newsletters to suit this trend and style.

Scanning through an email newsletter allows the reader to find the details and information they need very quickly. When scanning we are just looking very quickly for a specific fact, interesting point or something that we need an answer to but it is hard to scan when all the words are laid out in long paragraphs and in the same font with no dividers.

  • You need to develop persuasive headings to key products or services that you provide so these are noticed by the reader when they are scanning through your email newsletter.
  • You need to emphasise and repeat key offers and messages within the body of the content, one way of doing this is by putting keywords in bold or a different colour.
  • You need to aim for just one topic or idea per paragraph as this will make scanning much easier for the reader.
  • Bullet pointed lists are a really good way of summarising features or benefits, but try not to make the bullet points too long, instead aim for one line per bullet point.
  • When a phrase or point can be got across easily, do not write in full sentences as this will just be over stuffing the email newsletter for no reason.

If you need help with or advice or guidance for your email newsletter then give us a call, we are always happy to help!