Create a PROPER profile; you need a professional photo on it and a headline that explains what you do. You need to share your story including any keywords along with contact information and a Call to Action. As you create your bio make sure you write it as if you’re talking to someone face to face, write in an engaging manner and not like a letter to the Queen.

At every chance be ‘you’. Don’t use standard emails available through LinkedIn instead make them personable and this means you don’t look lazy or like a robot. It’s a really good idea to find something the same so you have a common ground for a conversation.

Don’t connect with everyone; connect with people that you want to work with. Keep in touch with them through LinkedIn but don’t be afraid to go offline and meet them in real life. This will help grow the relationship and the person will get to know you as a real person and trust will be built.

Most importantly, use LinkedIn. Don’t set it up and leave it but keep going back on. Create interesting posts and updates, chat with other people, engage with them through their posts and become friends with other people on LinkedIn.

If you would like to know more about social media for your business or you feel you are too busy to do it properly then give us a call. We can offer social media training in Peterborough or social media management to suit the needs of your business.

LinkedIn can be an excellent social media platform for your business, it is professional and business like but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ‘you’. Whenever you use social media you need to make sure you have a personality. As we have said before, people buy people and nobody wants to talk to a robot.

You want to really understand your prospects, think about why you are on LinkedIn and the sort of people you want to connect with on through LinkedIn. Don’t cut and paste your CV to put on your profile page, explain who you are how you became good at what you do. Explain why people want to choose you and how you can help them.