If you are connected with me on Linkedin, or like the Creative Content Company facebook page, then you will see I have been volunteering lots of my evenings with the Winter Night Shelter and Light Project Peterborough.

Recently I had a night to remember at the Light Project Peterborough / Winter Night Shelter. A night I am unlikely to ever forget. A night that showed me Light Project Peterborough Really Works.

To quickly explain the project briefly. We look after up to 8 homeless people a night. During their time with us, we work with them to get them back on their feet and into more permanent accommodation.

Until that time we have a central venue where they warm up with cakes and hot drinks. This is the place I am Shift Coordinator for. Then they stay in a church for the night, on a camp bed with fresh bedding. Our guests get a warm 2 course dinner, warm bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. They stay with the project for as long as it takes to get them back on their feet.

So, back to earlier this week;

During the evening meal (roast turkey) we received a call from a hostel to stay they have a bed for one of our guests. I was lucky enough to be asked to drive our guest to the hostel. To his new accommodation and his very own room.

His smile was literally from ear to ear. This was followed with a look of complete shock.

Everyone around the table, guests and volunteers clapped and cheered for him. We were all so pleased for him.

After dinner he said goodbye to everyone, giving everyone a hug and passing on words of encouragement. These are other homeless guests he’d known no longer than around a week and a half. My eyes were filled to the brim, to see such love, kindness and friendship right in front of me.

Off we went to his new home and he couldn’t have been more grateful. He continued thanking me and asking me to thank everyone else. I got a massive hug as I left and I was bursting with happiness!!!

This is what the project is all about – and I love it.

If you’d like to donate your time, money, or hotel toiletries (all much needed), then please contact me directly. I will connect you with the right people.

I hope you’ll agree that Light Project Peterborough Really Works?