Last week we shared a post about an evening at the Winter Night Shelter and Light Project Peterborough. It was about a guest that got a phone call during dinner to tell him that more-permanent accommodation was available for him. I was lucky enough to have been able to take him to the hostel that evening. It was a very happy, yet emotional time for him, the guests, the volunteers, and me!

I shared this story in a post on Facebook as well as in this blog post last week. A guest from a previous year’s project, who follows the Creative Content Company facebook page, commented on the post.

This is what he said;

“You’re amazing Hazel x

 I’ll never forget what you did for me two years ago; life is very different for me now.

I’m doing great, and yesterday had an interview with Colchester borough homes SWEP coordinator who is seeking volunteers. Needless to say all went very well, and have been invited for training first thing Monday morning.

You guys and girls truly are inspiring at the Light Project Peterborough and each and every one of you worthy of your wings.

 I wish you, the Light Project Peterborough, and of course the award winning Creative Content Company, all the very best of successes for this year ahead.


What can you even reply to that, apart from WOW!

Not only do we have real, living proof that the Light Project Peterborough has made a positive difference to this one ex-homeless person. He is now volunteering to help other people that were in the same situation as him.

The feeling of giving back is incredible and I know this person will love that feeling when he starts with SWEP.

If you’d like to volunteer and help the homeless of Peterborough, or support the project then please contact me directly. I will tell you everything you need to know and connect you with the right people.