As we all know, the world is ever evolving and this is truer in the online digital world and social media. Each social media channel wants to be better than the others and therefore makes continuous improvements to make the user experience of the social media platform better.

In this article we have a look at the latest changes made by Twitter.

The biggest and most recent change, as we recently blogged about, is that Twitter has improved its service for the elite or ‘VIP’ users. These users will have an ad-free or almost ad-free service dependant on the amount of tweets they send and the reach of these tweets. The VIP status is not based on just being a celebrity or famous on Twitter. Click this link to hear more about the Twitter VIP Status in our blog post.

Late last year it was also revealed, as we also blogged about, is that Twitter will be raising the character limit of tweets from 140 characters to 1,000 characters. The idea behind this move is to enable Twitter users to express themselves more freely. Don’t be concerned though, the tweet with not fill the entire news feed – just the first 140 characters will show and then you can click on the tweet to read more.

Many of you will remember the update last year that allowed users to direct message more freely, without sticking to the 140 character limit but also group messages within the direct messages, known as group chats. I don’t know about you, but this just meant we saw lots more spam in our inboxes on Twitter. We wrote this blog post about the lifting of the character limit

There was also an update that allowed users to change their settings and anyone can then send them a private message. It was expected this would encourage spam messages, but since updating ours it has made no real difference, although we did keep a close eye on it as this was a concern for us and for our clients.

The other update was that Twitter has made it easier to share content with images, such as GIFs, Vines, videos and audio files, allowing these to be embedded in public and private tweets. This has been popular with many users of Twitter.

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