It is essential that you put keywords in your website copy, throughout your copy. You don’t want to put too many keywords in your website copy, as this can be classed as keyword stuffing and Google can penalise you for doing this. Instead you just need to include enough keywords in your website copy to take full advantage of organic search traffic through search engines like Google.

When it comes to website copy, the aim is to make your website on the first page of search engines, ideally in the top three on page one. We all know that users of search engines will rarely go past the first page of search results and very rarely any pages after that, so your position on search engines is important.

Some copy writers of website content prefer to write the content first and then go back through and add the keywords, personally I feel it then looks more like it has been written for a robot and doesn’t flow naturally. Instead I would recommend that you write the content, including keywords as you go and then go back through the web copy at the end to make sure you have used your keywords frequently enough.

Remember that as much as keywords in your website content is important you need to ensure that your content is easy to read by a human being, not just the Google robots, or robots from other search engines. If the reader understands, enjoys and is interested by your website copy they will be more inclined to read more of your website copy and the more they read the more engaged they will be with your brand and business, which will leave them more likely to purchase from you in the future.

If you need help creating website copy for your business then give us a call, we have many years experience in website copy writing and we would be happy to help you.