Looking at social media this autumn we were keen to see just how popular social media is – after all, it’s a large part of what our business does so it’s important to know if it’s still popular or not. There are loads of rumours that LinkedIn has died, Facebook is dying and people are leaving Twitter – so let’s have a look at what the statistics say;

LinkedIn – Statistics

The key demographic of LinkedIn is the over 30 year old educated to graduate level or higher, 23% of online adults use LinkedIn and there are reported to be 97 million unique monthly visiting members to the social media platform. The number of LinkedIn member page views in the 2nd quarter of 2015 is a whopping 35 billion times.

LinkedIn – Good To Know

If you add a photo of you to your personal profile it is said that the views of your profile will increase by eleven times from when you didn’t have a phot and the average numbers of jobs that professionals think look good is just three.

Twitter – Statistics

The demographic for Twitter tends to be 18-29 year olds, a similar amount of males and females, it is used by 19% of the adults that are online and have over 270 million active users, which is a lot of potential clients you can get your name out to!

Twitter – Good To Know

The average Twitter user will follow around 5 or more business accounts and the most popular brand on Twitter is Google owner social media platform, YouTube.

Facebook – Statistics

The key demographic for Facebook is under 30s and it is more popular with women in general. 58% of online adults use Facebook and the social media platform has 1.49 billion active users every month with 65% of the users (nearly 696 million people) using the social media platform at least once a day. There are over 40 million businesses that have a Facebook page – are you one of them?

Facebook – Good To Know

Did you know a huge 87% of posts to a facebook page, by a potential customer, are not replied to? These are businesses that have directed people to their Facebook page from a website, or perhaps set up a Facebook business page and just not used it or managed it correctly. Research shows that the two most likely reasons that someone would chose to ‘un-like’ a Facebook business page is due to uninteresting posts or too many posts on the facebook page.

Think there is nobody on social media platforms that would be interested in what you offer? Think Again!