Like all good storytellers start – are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. I would like to share a story with you that is somewhat of a Facebook Miracle. It may sound like a fairy tale, or something that I have made up. But I promise you, it is completely true. This is a story of a Facebook miracle that I saw before my very eyes.

Let me take you back, just 2 weeks. I was asked by a UPVC company to help them with social media. They had been around for some time but weren’t on Facebook. They felt that they might be missing out and it was somewhere that their business should be seen. So, we set up their Facebook business page for them and booked in for some social media training.

It cost the business £50 for the Facebook page to be set up. This was the creation of the Facebook business page including a cover photo, logo and description. We uploaded their contact details too and other relevant information. We then spent the next week posting relevant content to the page, in preparation for the social media training and for the business to begin posting on their own page.

One week later we went to the business and mentioned that within the week we were posting, a lady had commented. The page had not been advertised and nobody had been added. It was just the Creative Content Company admin on the page. This person had found them when looking for their services in the local area on Facebook. We had replied that they should phone, and we gave them the number as well as the email address. On speaking to the business, it seems she had contacted the company and had booked a service with them. This was before they had even started their social media training.

So, the social media training commenced. We showed them how to post and how to schedule. This included adding images and links as well as snipping reviews to share. We added the team as admin on the Facebook business page and they were ready and raring to go.

It was a good job too really. That evening, while we were still attached to the account, somebody asked for their service in a local community group. The business Facebook page was tagged and within the hour the contact details of a new customer had been shared and another job was booked in.

Had the business not been on Facebook; would the customer have waited until the next day? Or, more likely, would they have contacted someone else that was on Facebook? Of course, we will never know – but getting 2 sales within just over a week of being on Facebook is a bit of a miracle. It doesn’t happen to all clients – but it has happened to this one.

Two points to consider. Firstly, the cost! They paid £50 for the Facebook page to be set up and £75 for the social media training for 2 of their team. That was it. Secondly, the business and industry are well known. Their industry is in their business name so this means that people looking for their service on Facebook will find it.

While we can’t guarantee a Facebook miracle like this – we can guarantee that we can provide you with a Facebook business page and some Facebook and social media training. Why not give us a call to see how we can help your business get on social media?