You know when you’re out and about shopping at the weekend or visiting a local garden centre? Often you will see a stunning plant or some flowers and think that they would look lovely in your office. You fall in love with the pink flowers on individual stems in the stunning vase. Then you see the price. £35 for a stem, and you want 9 stems. Plus, you want the stunning vase they are presented in but that another couple of hundred pounds. You quickly decide that maybe the office doesn’t need pink flowers after all.

This is how some small businesses look at their online marketing too. They see their online marketing as the pink flowers in the office. It’s something that would be nice to have, but it’s not necessary.

While it might be true that the pink flowers are not necessary, the online marketing is. The expensive but beautiful flowers might not bring anything to your business in term of sales. However, online marketing could. The weekly blog posts are £35 each. That’s not a huge amount. Think how many clients it would take to pay off a month of weekly blog posts!

However, if you don’t have a blog on your website, then this could be an extra cost. Like the vase for the flowers for example. You need somewhere to display the blogs, like you need somewhere to display the flowers. A website upgrade to have blogs on your website could cost a couple of hundred pounds. But the difference to that and a vase, is that it will bring more to your business.

The blog page and blog posts on your website will attract your target audience. These will bring more traffic to your website that you can convert to sales for the business. It will be a place you can link and direct potential customers too from newsletters, emails and social media.

Through our £35 blog posts on the website, you can bring the paying customers in. This will then make you the money you need to buy the flowers and vase, which are a ‘nice to have’. As customers come into your office, they will see your flowers, and this will help set the scene for your business.

Online marketing shouldn’t be seen as the pink flowers in your office. But, it could lead to covering the cost of the pink flowers in your office!