We were absolutely thrilled to receive not one, but six emails from the Boss Bird HQ earlier this month. It turns out that six lovely people had nominated us for a Boss Bird Inspirational Birds Award Scheme. These are a set of awards that have been designed to recognise empowering women. To collaborate and celebrate who we all are today.

The email from Boss Bird HQ explained that we have been recognised by someone for our hard work and mega efforts. However, the email didn’t tell us what Inspirational Bird Award we are nominees for. It also didn’t say who had nominated us so we could be Inspiration Bird Award Nominees.

Inspirational Bird Award Nominee

There are five Inspirational Bird Awards then we could be nominees for. These are Rocking It Mum, Bossing It At Work, Girl Boss Goals, Kindness Queen and Survivor. Not knowing who nominated us makes it even harder to guess which Inspirational Bird Awards we might be nominees for.

However, we don’t have too much longer to wait. Boss Bird HQ are completing the shortlists in September. We will get an email then if we are lucky enough to make the shortlist. Then in November 2021 they will award a nominee ‘The 2021 Inspirational Woman Award’. The winner will also get a basket of gifts.

I just want to say thank-you to the lovely 6 people that took the time to nominate me. It really does mean so much to have been recognised by a ‘someone’, let alone six of you. If we are lucky enough to get through to the shortlist that would be great. However, if not, I am certainly feeling loved and recognised by just the nominations.

It’s certainly a very lovely touch. It has given me a smile in what has been a tough two years business wise and personally. Covid has changed a lot for us all, but this award nomination has made me feel very special.

If you know an awesome inspirational bird, please nominate them for these awards. Then they can feel as happy as I do.