A landing page is a page on your website and it focused on getting a visitor to the page to do something, it is an optimised page for a certain keyword and will encourage them to buy the product now, to sign up for a newsletter or to book onto an event, for example. 

To write effective landing page content you need to have a clearly definite purpose for the landing page. You need to focus on what the end goal is, what you want to achieve and what you want the visitor when they land on your landing page content.

Have a think about what you want the visitor to do first. Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, maybe you want them, to fill out a contact form or contact you personally, maybe the landing page is to get them to book onto your event or would you rather they went to your social media profiles where they can find out more about you (only do this if you are active with the social media for your business).

Once you know your goal and what you want the visitor to your website to do you need to work backwards by thinking about how you are getting to get the visitor to so what you want while you are writing the landing page content, you also need to think about the information they will need and how you can engage the reader to do what you want.

It’s easy to create a ‘call to action’ button, but you need to find a way of giving the visitor a reason to take action. If it’s not clear what the visitor will gain by taking action it is unlikely they will take action and then your landing page content will fail and you could lose the visitor to a competitor who does give them a reason to take action.

To write effective landing page content you need to have a clearly defined content and good quality content. You need to make sure you stay on topic and have a clear message and that the action the visitor needs to take is easy. Try and include trust factors like customer reviews, client logos and security symbols as well as this will show the visitor they can trust you, even if they don’t know you yet.

If you need help writing content for your landing page then give us a call or drop us an email, we are always happy to help you achieve more with your website and your online presence.