Testimonials are a really important part of business, they confirm who you are as a business, what you do as a business, how you help customers and how good you are at what you do. Many potential customers will spend time looking at your business and what you do, before checking out what people say about you and only then, if they are completely happy, will they contact you.

So let’s start from the beginning – how can you get testimonials. Your clients are busy and it is very unlikely they will contact you saying “Please can I give you a testimonial?” so you need to contact them and ask for one, but you need to make it as easy as possible for them or it will go onto the never evening list of things that are always at the bottom of the To-Do List.

Facebook is often an easy place to get testimonials if you have an active facebook business page. Sometimes you will become friends with people through social media and these may be your clients so drop them a private message and ask for a testimonial or review on the facebook page. Try and ask them at a time they are normally on line and they will be happy to do it while mooching around Facebook. You can then pop these reviews onto your website, which will ideally have a testimonials page.

LinkedIn is a great place  to have testimonials as they get seen when people check out your social media profile on the platform. LinkedIn make it easy to ask for testimonials, jus use the function they offer and it will show you who you have asked for a testimonial and those that haven’t done one yet, so you can chase them up in a friendly manner. Once again, you can then use these testimonials on your website.

When a client emails you to thank you for some great work you have done this is a great opportunity to reply thanking and asking if they wouldn’t mind putting together a few words for the testimonials page on your website. If it’s a business why not use their logo so it will be extra brand awareness for them too, as a sweetener for the deal?

Try and use your testimonials as much as you can, copy one or two of them onto your social media platforms every now and again, have a page on your website where all the testimonials are and share some throughout the website too. 

Testimonials are something you should be proud of, so shout about them from the rooftops!