We give you lots of tips for how you can blog, what you can blog about, tips for blogging and why you should blog regularly – but we very rarely tell you what you shouldn’t do when blogging. This blog post will do exactly that, here are some guidelines on how you should definitely not blog;

  • Of course it is good to use blogging as part of your SEO strategy and this means including your keywords in your content. However, do not put your keyword in every sentence 3-4 times as it will no longer be readable and your target audience will prefer not to read it. You want to aim for one or two keywords three or four times in every 300-400 words in a blog post. Going over this will look spammy and may get you penalised by Google for keyword stuffing.
  • It’s great that you’re an expert in your industry, but you need to make sure that the reader still understands what you are talking about. Don’t use big words and jargon that your target audience won’t understand. By putting your blog posts into simple terms you will be helping your target audience and they will much prefer this to be being baffled by you and your use of technical jargon. Always remember who you are writing for and ensure they can understand what you are writing.
  • You may see that your competitor has messed over a lot of clients or are selling a product for the same price as yours but it offers much less. Do not put this in a blog. Instead of putting down or bad mouthing the competition, talk instead about what your offer, everything that is included and why it is such a great offer. Your target audience will soon realise that you are the company to choose and not your competitor.

These are just some pointers to bear in mind when writing a blog post, blogging can be tricky and as much as you think you can be a writer because you learnt how to write at school, I also learnt how to turn on a light switch when I was a child, it doesn’t mean I’m an electrician.

If you need expert help with your blog writing then give us a call, we are always happy to help!