You may have received an email and thought we are back in the 1990’s again, or you may have received an email and started rubbing your hands together with excitement that you could have a company advertising on your website.

This is the email I am talking about;


During our outreach campaign, I found your website through Google.

I need a couple of posts on your website and I will pay you via PayPal for hosting my unique articles.

I have a team of US writers and I will provide you high-quality contents related to your website.

Please tell me how much do you charge per post?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards”

This may be an exciting email because you think you could earn money from it, but there may a few reasons why this may not be of interest!

Why It’s Good

It is good as you get paid for just putting their stuff on your website

It is good as you get fresh content on your website

Why It’s Bad

It is bad because you could be damaging your brand as you are putting something from someone else onto your website.  You have no control what it says and because this is a message from abroad, it could be grammatically incorrect with spelling errors.

They are doing it for a back link to their website, which was a way that SEO used to work, and if it is a good back link then this can still help your SEO.

However, we have previously come across companies that have said yes, the link is set up, the other website is then hacked so the other company just set up a new website, but the one you are now linked to sells drugs, or other ‘unsuitable’ products that you do not want your business to be associated to.

The next level of this is that you will then, often, be charged to remove the link from your website to the new website that sells ‘unsuitable’ products and this will often cost more than you were initially paid.

If you receive this email we recommend you delete it, or reply with a ‘no thank you’ as it will likely do your business more harm than good. If you want to update your website with fresh web content then ask us; we cost less than you might think and it will be written for you!