We absolutely love all our fans, customers, followers and business friends and we are really keen to thank you all for all your wonderful support… so we thought we would do this in the form of a fun competition, just like when you were at a village fete as a child, we are going to play how many sweets in the jar!

Above you’ll see the photo of the jar full of sweeties; we want to know how many wrapped sweets are in the jar. To give you a little clue we will tell you that there is a mix of Quality Streets, 3x Pens, Love Hearts, Drumstick Lollies, Fizzers, Boiled Sweets and much more – but I’m afraid that’s the only clue we can give you.

The photo can be found here, on Facebook, on Twitter and on LinkedIn and you can guess how many sweets you think there are in the jar by replying on Facebook or LinkedIn, tweeting us on Twitter or commenting on the blog below.

Spend your time counting up how many sweets you can see, the maths of how many sweets there could be and how full the jar looks but don’t take too much time. The ‘?’ competition ends on Wednesday 31st August at 5pm and the winner will be announced shortly after – after the counting is done!

The winner of the competition will then be announced and they will need to collect the jar of yummy sweets and treats from Creative Content Company.

Now for the boring terms and conditions – one guess per person unless otherwise authorised by Creative Content Company and the jar is not included. Sweets must be collected, they will not be delivered or sent to the lucky winner and if one or more people get the right answers the sweets will be divided evenly however if nobody gets the right amount the sweets will be given to the closest guess or divided by those winners of the closest guess.

So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking cap on and get guessing!