Local pages on your website are great for SEO and can really help you rank higher on search engines like Google, gain more traffic to your website and increase potential customers that will want to buy your product or service from you. Want to know more?

So, if for example you are a plumber in Peterborough. Chances are you will have a home page and about us page talking about being a plumber in Peterborough… but what about the other areas? What other areas are you willing to work in?

Normally when I ask business people, especially those new in business, this question they will say ‘anywhere’, but let’s be honest – wouldn’t you rather do 10 jobs locally instead of travelling quite a distance to do one job?

So, as a plumber in Peterborough why not target customers in Peterborough which means you can do less travelling and do more work, which is what you get paid for.

This can be done by looking at the areas you want to work in and by creating a new page for each of these places – this is where people sometimes slip up. This is not a case of writing the same 300-600 words on each page but just changing the area name, you need to write different web copy on each page so it is not classed as duplicate content and you get penalised.

You could have pages for plumber in Peterborough, plumber in Werrington, plumber in Dogsthorpe, Plumber in Gunthorpe, Plumber in Orton Wistow, Plumber in Orton Waterville, Plumber in Hampton Hargate, Plumber in Hampton Vale and so on. This means that when people that live in Gunthorpe search for a plumber in Gunthorpe you will be towards the top of the search engine results as you have specifically written that you are a plumber in Gunthorpe.

Writing one page of content for your website can be hard for some people, but writing 10, 20 or even 30 pages of website content for local pages and making sure it is not duplicate content can be really hard work so why not call in an expert? We can write your website content and local pages for you and when you order in bulk or need multiple local pages then we can give you a discount too, as less research is required.

Want to get found for local work? Call us now to see how we can help you!