At all three of our #CreativeNetworking events we have informal networking as part of the networking in Peterborough, but why? What is informal networking, how does it work and why does it work?

What Is Informal Networking in Peterborough?

It kind of says what it is in the name; informal networking is networking informally – basically standing around and having an informal chat and meeting new people, while getting to know whom all the other attendees are and what they do.

How Does Informal Networking in Peterborough Work?

When it comes to #CreativeNetworking events we find informal networking works very simply at all three of our events. At our coffee morning networking event, this is purely an informal networking event in Peterborough, attendees grab a coffee then join the networking and chat to other attendees, there is no structure to the event instead it is just a chance to get to know each other while understanding one-another’s business.

Our speed networking lunch and breakfast networking events in Peterborough both start with informal networking which is just a chance to network and chat before the structured part of the event takes place.

Why Does Informal Networking in Peterborough Work?

We think the reason that informal networking works so well is because there is no pressure to sell yourself to everybody else in the room, instead it’s a chance to just get to know each other and build relationships. These relationships can then lead to work in the future or referrals through the relationships you have built via informal networking.

There are informal networking events just like #CreativeNetworking all over Peterborough and we highly recommend them, any chance you get to just chat with other people in business is an opportunity you want to grab with both hands. You never know who you could meet and also who the person you meet may know – that’s why we think informal networking events work so well.