Many businesses are aware that they need to be active on social media, but they’re not sure how. They have a busy business to run and already have plenty going on. Small business owners rarely have the time to stop and post on social media. But is there another way? How about a social media posting company?

Here at Creative Content Company we are a social media posting company in Peterborough. We can post on your social media platforms for you, as your business. We will share links back to your website, snippets of your blogs, engaging posts and more. Through our posts on social media you will keep an active presence and engage with your audience.

Social media is great for raising brand awareness of your business and re-enforcing who you are and what you stand for. Posting on social media doesn’t just show your audience you’re active, it shows Google that you are active too.

However, there is something else you need to think about when posting on your social media pages. This is something that, as your social media posting company in Peterborough, we will talk through with you. You need to think about what you are hoping to achieve through your posts. Are you trying to grow your audience or are you keen to promote a service? What message do you want to send, and who do you want your message to reach?

We will then look at platforms with you too. There are lots of social media platforms out there but it’s about choosing the best one for you and your business. Each social media platform has its own benefits. You’ll find you personally prefer one over another, but it’s about your audience. We will help you understand where your audience are, so your posts are going to the right people.

As your social media posting company, we use Hootsuite to schedule all your posts onto the different platforms. This means there will always be a post going out each day for your business, even if we fall ill, etc. We also offer Hootsuite Training so you can post on social media yourself if you want to.

Want to know more about how your social media posting company will work with you? Call our team now or book a free virtual meeting.