Are you wondering how your business can support pride the right way? Then this blog post is a must-read for you.

It’s great to see social media platforms awash with pride flags and businesses showing their support. Loads of businesses are changing their logos to a ‘pride friendly’ logo and it’s great to see. But only if it’s real.

Here at Creative Content Company, we would class ourselves as allies for the LGBTQIA+ community. We attend and support community events where we can, including local paid events, Peterborough Pride and others.

Further to this, we have clients within the LGBTQIA+ community. We do not discriminate, and we support everyone and anyone looking for help to grow their business presence online. However, we really struggle around Pride month. While we fully support the community and what Pride stands for, we never know quite how to show our support.

There are so many businesses jumping on the band wagon to show their support. But what about the rest of the year? We have heard horror stories of companies taking their business elsewhere as the supplier had a gay person working for them. However, this same company is still making their logo pride friendly during this month.

So, we had a chat with our friend Edward. This is the Chair of Peterborough Pride, Teddi The Drag Queen, also known as Edward Smith, owner and founder of Peterborough Panda Marketing. We asked Edward what he could recommend for a business looking to support pride the right way.

This is what Edwards had to say:

  • The biggest thing I can say is, fly the flag. You do not know how important it is by seeing something that represents the community.
  • Make sure the flag comes from a reputable source like the pride shop in Manchester. They can be found here. They share profits with causes that are necessary.
  • Donate to your local pride if you can. This can be done here for Peterborough, our local community.  
  • Support LGBTQIA+ events not just in June but all year round. Love isn’t just in June. It’s all year round.
  • Support your local pride by attending it. See the spectacles the costumes and of course the performances.
  • Not all members of the community are beacons of information for questions non LGBTQIA+ people have. If you want information, ask your local pride or groups that are on social media or on the internet.
  • Lastly if it feels like you’re jumping on a bandwagon you probably are. Do the work, support and attend events which can help make a difference. Make sure you are advocating for the community when they are not in the room.

So, that’s how Creative Content Company will be supporting Pride this June. What about you? How will your business support Pride the right way? Maybe we will see you at Pride in Peterborough this August?