We have a lot of different clients here at Creative Content Company. Just check out our testimonials page to see the sorts of businesses and industries we have worked with for their online marketing services. However, while we have VA’s as ‘normal’ clients, we also work with some VA’s in a slightly different way. In this blog post we share how we work with VA’s. If you are a VA looking to offer more to your clients, then this could be a great blog for you to read.

Firstly, we have the standard way that we work with VA’s. We work with them as we do any other business. They need social media posting, website content or blog writing from us. Just like we work with other clients, we provide these online marketing services for them.

Then comes our white label online marketing services. Instead of creating online marketing content for the VA, we create online marketing content for their clients. This is done as a white label service. The VA is our client and they tell us what their client needs. We only speak to the client if the VA asks us too. Generally speaking, everything else is done through the VA.

This can work really well well for VAs because it enables them to offer more services to their clients. Instead of just offering meeting minutes, travel arrangements and general admin, for example, they can offer a selection of online marketing services too. The VA outsources the work to us and we send the work back to them. We invoice the VA and the VA invoices their client. In many cases, the VA will put a mark-up on our fee too. This enables them to make a profit on work they are outsourcing for their client. Further to this, we will offer a lower rate for white label services than standard online marketing services.

So, now you know how we work with VA’s. If you are a VA looking to expand your business offerings, let’s have a meeting. You can pop on our online calendar page and book a free general meeting for a time that suits you. We look forward to meeting you soon and hopefully working for your client with you.