Paragraphs are an essential part of all content, not just SEO content. They are there to put sentences into organised sections. They make content easier to read and understand. This is because each paragraph is a group of sentences talking about the same thing. They are a staple of all good SEO content for exactly this reason.

As much as readers of your content love paragraphs, Google does too. The paragraphs help to organise the information within your SEO content into meaningful structures. Each section introduces the next relevant point. Not to get all scientific on you, but our brains are naturally wired to read information in this way. Our brains take on information one step at a time. The brain understands the start, the middle and the end – just like any book we read.

Just imagine going onto a website and being presented by a large block of text? How would that make you feel? For many, it would feel overwhelming. It could also be enough to take someone away from your website straight into the safe paragraphed content of another website, and your competitor.

This is why paragraphs are so useful. They break down the content. This means it becomes more readable. In turn, this also makes it less daunting.

SEO experts believe that a paragraph for SEO content should be fairly short. Generally speaking, paragraphs in SEO content should be no more than around 10 sentences. This helps to avoid them becoming too long and overwhelming.

However, it does depend on the topic of your text. If longer paragraphs are needed, we recommend mixing long and short paragraphs in your SEO content. This will help your content read more fluidly.

Do you need help with using paragraphs in your SEO content? Then why not contact our SEO content writers? If you have content ideas in mind, we can write to those. However, we can also suggest our own SEO content ideas that will be perfect for your business.

With over a decade experience of writing high-quality SEO content you can rest assured that we will use paragraphs in the right way for you. Call our SEO content writers in Peterborough now to find out more.